Videos: Students and the Department

Department Utube Videos


Art Dept




Leila Valencia


Arts Week spg 2019


Art Week Virtual Reality


ArtCar Spg 2018


Artcar Dick McClure Spg 2018


Faculty Exhibit Fall 2017


Deanna Hunt, Painting Spg 2014


Jeannette Powell Collection Golden Eye Fall 2018


What Do Students Do In the Department of Art and Graphic Design? Fall 2015


Leila Valencia 1st mural Spg 2018


Leila Valencia Spg 2020 extended version

Emilie Jenkins internship Fall 2019


intro Medx Michael Doherty summer 2016


Mia Arostigui CIP fall 2018


Monumental Brass Exhibition—Leppelmeier Collection Fall 2015


DeBoer—Invented Forms and Imaginary Objects, Spring 2016


Delta Fusion paper maché, summer 2011


Delta Fusion paper maché 2, summer 2011


Delta Fusion release mold, summer 2011


Delta Fusion clay masks, summer 2011


DeltaFusion water face, summer 2011


Delta Fusion Voltelda, summer 2011


Skin in the Game—Faculty Show, Fall, 2016


BBBA Gallery Show, Fall 2012


Typography Kellyn Lohr, summer 2018


Miracle Mile Benches, Spring 2012


Paul Valadez Gallery Show Fall 2019


Art Department Fall 2011