Art Expo

My name is Kimberly Licea and I am the Programming chair of RHA. As programming Chair, I organize events for students on our campus. One of the upcoming programs  is an art gallery. Art Expo will be March 22nd from 6-8 pm.  During the event we will have appetizers, drinks, and pacific student art. We are accepting all kinds of art (sculptures, paintings, etc…).
Deadline to submit work is March 2oth
Contact Kimberly Licea to submit work
RHA thinks this is a great program to have student involvement and to showcase our art program at the university.
The art gallery will be happening on March 22nd. So I would like to have all the artwork by March 20th. I don’t mind what kind of art it is (whether it is 2-D or 3-D). To submit work, contact Brett DeBoer. I can stop by the art building on March 20th to pick them all up. With every art work I would like a typed half sheet description of the art work and an optional  little bio (it will be called meet the artist). This is open to all students!
Kimberly Licea
RHA Programming Chair