Brontosaurus Leg

Line art drawing of a brontosaurus.

That’s My Brontosaurus Leg!!!

Stavros Cosmopulos/Brett DeBoer

In the beginning there was clubbing, scratching, waving, biting, grinning, drooling, frowning, howling, screeching, punching, running.

Then came…


“UGH” was first uttered August 30, (a Tuesday) 1.6 Million B.C. in some remote corner of the world (it was all remote, then). Unheralded and unrecorded.

Nevertheless, “UGH” will echo throughout the universe for all time.

The unknown inventor, either out of sheer frustration or in a burst of higher intellect and the need to communicate faster or clearer, said “UGH” to announce “NO” or “That’s mine!” or something like that. It probably went something like this:

FRED:           “UGH” “That’s my Brontosaurus leg. “UGH” “I said, that’s my Brontosaurus leg, get away from here!” (with a bat of the arm)

WILMA:         “UGH” ”This is your Brontosaurus leg?”

FRED:          “UGH” “That’s my Brontosaurus leg.”

WILMA:         “UGH” “OK, OK, its your Brontosaurus leg.

”That intellectual exchange established… the single greatest invention of all time:


And with that, the course of mankind was changed forever. The first Graphic Design firm was still a few years away, but Man could now express or exchange mental images, emotions, thoughts, ideas, abstractions and feelings. Communication was significantly advanced and mark making systems were soon invented to visually represent these ideas. Cave drawings could be captioned, among other things.

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