Jobs, Internships and Practicums (ELO’s)


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designinternOne of the most important aspects of your education as well as preparation for entering the professional world of design is to gain practical experience. Internships are off-campus and Practicums occur on-campus and, as such, are the primary opportunities for you to learn these skills. Because of this it is in your best interest to be involved with as many of these as possible. As a graphic design major, you are required to complete 3 units of either practicum or internship. (40 hours = one unit of academic credit. Therefor, you would need to log 120 hours with your employer to earn 3 units of credit). This requirement is collectively listed as ELO or Experiential Learning Opportunity on your degree course checklist. Beyond this requirement you no longer have to register for any additional ELO units unless you want them to appear on your academic transcript. The ultimate value in completing EL’s are to give you experience in applying the knowledge and skills you learned in the classroom/studio to the professional work environment. In addition, ELO experiences offer you the opportunity to build your personal portfolio of design work for future employment interviews.

A suggested pattern of ELO’s which progress in the type of opportunity they might offer you and sequentially develop your skill and knowledge might be similar to the following plan:

  1. on-campus practicum (Sophomore or Junior year)
    (i.e. ASUOP or University Marketing)
  2. summer internship near your home
  3. fall/spring internship in Stockton area junior year
  4. internship outside Stockton area senior year


ELO’s (Internships—off campus + Practicums—on-campus)

internship4 internship 2

Go to the resource links below for information about internship, practicum and independent study requirements for Pacific Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO).

  • ELO Requirements 
    • (internship, practicum, independent study, undergraduate research)





  1. Pacific’s Career Resource Center
  2. Opportunities posted on the GD website Current Internships page
  3. Your own inquiry and initial contact
  4. Referred to by Design Professors Lee or DeBoer


(read the ELO Requirements and fill out the form below to initiate interest in finding an ELO)





Some Graphic Design INTERNSHIPS other Pacific students have completed:


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