Design Thinking Assignments



Each assignment page will contain Powerpoint slide shows of select images to supplement our discussions in class. We will be referring to topics presented in these powerpoint presentations, but not reading each entirely on its own. It is expected that you will revisit these in class powerpoints on your own outside of class. Use them as sources of background information, and a means to more fully understand the context or zeitgeist influencing specific assigned topics.


Click to download the ppt. file to your computer. Then open the downloaded ppt file in PowerPoint. (You must have PowerPoint already installed on your computer to see the images.)

In addition to the Powerpoints, each assignment will also contain Keyword/concept files related to each topic with accompanying images to aid in your understanding of some of the more esoteric terms associated with different design accomplishments, people or styles.


1. Incunabula and Gutenberg

2. Industrial Revolution

3. Design Renaissance

4.Avant Garde

5. Final: Applied Design Thinking Innovation Hire





  • KEYWORDS: Corporate Identity and Visual Systems
  • Powerpoint

  • KEYWORDS: The Conceptual Image, Push Pin Studios, Polish Posters
  • Powerpoint

  • KEYWORDS: Postmodern Design, 5 Michaels, Retro, Memphis
  • Powerpoint

  • KEYWORDS: National Visions within a Global Dialogue
  • Powerpoint: 

  • KEYWORDS: The Digital Revolution and Beyond