Raymond Loewy Paper

Your assignment:

Write a 3-5 page paper with additional images that focus on analyzing by Design Thinking principles, the innovations of Raymond Loewy. 

Form a thesis or theory about Loewy’s work. your paper  should then follow a logical sequence of explaining that thesis by connecting the dots” between what you see, what your research has uncovered or shown you and the resulting impact the work has had. The paper itself is mostly about critical observation. What do you see within the narrow contexts of meaningful design? Therefore you must set up some guidelines for yourself to judge what is good. You are also looking for

  • Zeitgeist influences
  • Historical influences
  • Stylistic influences
  • Cultural influences
  • Individual knowledge/expertise/interest/experience as influences

some general guidelines:

I am interested in your opinions, thoughts and ideas concerning your subject. Support those ideas with documented facts as much as possible.

Follow a general progressive development format for your writing which includes:

1) thesis proposal—a statement or opinion which is the basis or theme of your paper

2) develop reasons or ideas which support your overall thesis—this general development should site factual sources or events, quote persons, make comparisons, relate to the context of the times, or show how it influenced the general evolution of design

3) conclusion—restate your original thesis in a summary fashion

Your subject could address the three aspects of:

  1. the technology of the time
  2. aesthetics or the “look”, describe it specifically (line, shape, color, typeface, style, uses, influences. etc.)
  3. how it relates to other world or regional events of the time (the Zeitgeist)

illustrations, pictures, diagrams are usually helpful as support material to your written paper.—Those pages are in addition to your written paper.

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