Clay Modeling

Hello students.

I’m sorry we won’t be meeting as a group anymore this semester. I will try to give you directions on our remaining assignments through Canvas, the website and utube. Please, contact me if you have any questions or something is not clear. We will get through this together.

As a result of the COVID-19 revised schedule this semester you will need to pay special attention to these pages and assignment information. 

I will be revising the assignments for the remainder of the semester during the coming week. Watch closely for those changes and updates. 

This assignment will need to be changed. Goals remain the same but the process will be slightly different.

Please, stop in the studio to pick up your clay sculpture and any necessary clay and tools to finish at home. We will not be able to do the casting step however, so DO NOT put the metal shim (fence) into the clay. If you are now at, or very close to, the stage where you would normally be inserting the shim fence, you may make arrangements with me to do the finishing touches on the sculpture here in the studio rather than at home.

If you happen to have lighter fluid, you can use a small brush to lightly brush it over the surface of the clay to smooth out irregularities or small rough spots as a finishing touch.

Everyone be sure upload 2 photographs of your finished sculpture by Wednesday March 25th to the Canvas course site. Remember to add your name to your files.

If necessary, you can make arrangements with me to photograph the sculpture here in the photography studio. If you choose to photograph it at home, place a large white, gray or black paper or cloth behind it to block out all background images and objects.

To upload your files to Canvas:

  1. Open Assignments. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

  2. Select Assignment. Click the title of the assignment.

  3. Submit Assignment. Click the Submit Assignment button.

  4. Add File. …

  5. Add Another File. …

  6. Submit Assignment. …

  7. View Submission.

You will need to return tools, turntables and clay to me by the end of the semester.

This assignment will allow you to add and subtract, as well as model the material in the process of creating new form. We will be individually creating the head/bust of a mythological, science fiction or fantasy character. You have the choice of using pictures of a character that some other artist has already created or sketching your own images to use as references to sculpt from. After first sketching your idea, you will create an armature (sculptural skeleton) using paper, wire and blocks of wood. You will then add plastilene clay to this armature to model the form. A major concept of this assignment is the understanding that a “good ” sculptural form has no front or back. In other words, it should be dynamic and interesting from all angles. This understanding can be difficult when the subject of the sculpture has a face. You will need to pay equal attention to all sides/angles of the head, not just the face.

The resulting clay sculpture will then be used in the next assignment which will be to make a mold of this piece and cast it in plaster.


Building the Armature: