Comparison Paper


Write a two page double-spaced paper comparing and contrasting the Nevelson Box sculptural process with the wood carving sculptural process. Relate your comments to the “Sculptural Idea”.


Address three main points in your paper:

  1. Describe the methods you used to create each sculpture.
    • Compare and contrast those two different methods of working. (this should include choices of material, machines/tools used as well as simply how the two differed or were similar.) Are they examples of additive, subtractive, found object/assemblage or a combination of any of these?
  2. What influenced your conceptual and aesthetic decisions?
    • (this should include how you started, what were you trying to achieve, as well as how did you modify your original ideas and why. Also, What influenced your decisions in the final stages of refining the works?)
  3. What did you learn?
    • (this could be how to use new tools/machines as well as how to look at 3D objects/sculpture.) You may also cite examples from other major artists to help make your point. (on these assignments Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Luise Nevelson are examples of influential artists that you might refer to.)


  • Write meaningfully,  reflectively and with purpose.
  • Spell Correctly.
  • Use correct Grammar.
  • Check your writing for organization, clarity and order.
  • Proofread your work.