ARTS 127 Illustration

ARTS 127 Illustration is a form of visual communication with many applications ranging from the simple didactic to the most complex conceptual images. It creatively combines both sight and insight, drawing from our visual legacy, and knowledge of content and context, to create images that instruct, inform, entertain and challenge. This course is designed to expose the student to illustration as applied to the commercial field. It is a study of illustration for effective communications and will provide an introduction to the basic concepts that are needed for the analysis and understanding of both traditional and digital illustration techniques. The illustration projects are created both in the studio and at home. A variety of media will be employed to render specific assignments, with an emphasis on drawing, painting, design and color, photography, digital imaging, communication principles, problem solving and research methodology. This subject matter will be covered in lectures, DVDs, readings and demonstrations.


Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

▪ Develop artistic flexibility and resourcefulness

▪ Ability to use drawing as the cornerstone for illustration

▪ Create a personal sketchbook

▪ Seamlessly integrate design and color into illustration

▪ Ability to master a variety of subject content and to translate that knowledge into effective visual


▪ Develop a multimedia approach to illustration

▪ Explore traditional dry and wet illustration media

▪ Communicate verbally and with visuals in a professional manner throughout the creative cycle of an

assignment (from conception to final)

▪ Keep abreast of current illustration trends and honor our visual legacy

▪ Collaborate as a team player as well as a uniquely creative individual

▪ Generate an illustration portfolio

The objectives will be achieved by:

▪ The history of illustration and a continual dialogue (including weekly student assignments) of current

illustration trends covered in class

▪ Illustration techniques will be demonstrated with samples and by the instructor

▪ Group and individual instructor critiques allow for creative and presentation skills growth

▪ A research paper assignment will demonstrate satisfactory written communication skills

▪ Assignment deadlines will reflect demands of the current professional workplace including various stages

of production and client approvals

▪ Illustration methodology and best practices will be discussed and incorporated into the course

▪ Personal and corporate ethical standards and copyright law will be discussed

▪ A variety of illustration assignments requiring different creative problem solving skills are included in the

course such as didactic, editorial, advertising, character development and storytelling