Ruled Lines

To create a straight horizontal line (otherwise known as a Rule or Ruled Line) above or below a paragraph use these settings for your Paragraph Style. In this example the Paragraph style is titled “Ruled Text”. You can obviously name this style anything you would like.

  • First be sure to click the “Rule On” box to activate this option.
  • Select either “Rule Above” or “Rule Below” to place the line either before or after the paragraph.
  • The offset amount (found on the right hand side) will move
    the line up (+) or down (-) in point increments.
  • You can make the line as wide as the column or as long as the last line in the paragraph.
  • Alternatively you can center the line below the paragraph by indenting both the right and left sides by the same amount.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.13.04 PM