Finalize the Morph Series

To finalize and present the portrait morph series
you must pay close attention to several details;

  • The gradual and even change from one step to the other
  • The Typography
  • The Background
  • The Presentation

Each step/face should be grouped and resized to approximately 2 3/4” x 3 1/4”. This size is general. It will vary according to your specific illustrations and should serve as a starting point or reference only. Copy and paste each of these to a new file that is 13 x 19. Assemble the final grouping there. Look at the sequence as a whole. Judge the evenness and the speed of transformation—the smoothness of both change in technique (high-contrast>>posterization>>shading) as well as the logical changes in the features of one person to the next.

The quotations that you have picked for each famous person should also gradually morph as they do in your images. The meaning of the words gradually changes as does the typography that presents those words. The main quote in the series is the one that results from the combination of the two from the famous people and is attributed to your self portrait in the middle step. So, in general your quote is made from half of each of the quotes in steps 1 and 5. As a result, the middle quote should be the one that is treated the strongest, not the one at step 5. Pretend that step 1 and step 5 are book ends and as such, are similar in some way. The same is true for step 2 and 4.

Add a unifying background shape. This could be as simple as a rectangle or line that goes behind all five drawings. Do not just fill in the entire background, however.
The background shape is just that—the background. Do not spend your creativity here, it is to aid in unifying the group as a whole, giving them a setting, not be an attention grabbing object.

The final series is printed to 13″ x 19″ Epson Presentation matte paper. Do not print to this paper until you have first printed a proof image to 11 x 17 (tabloid) copier paper. (use the scale to fit option). Do not matte.

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