Line Interval Systems

Line Interval systems are a form of visual organization. We tend to look for visual organization in the form of pattern in the designs we see, to make sense of what we see, and therefore inform our perceptions of the world about us.

A line interval system does not necessarily have to be created from just lines. It is instead the result of how we see the relationship of objects (lines or otherwise) and the interval space between them.

As a system, line intervals create pattern. Pattern is perceived when there is some form of repetition involved. Repetition by itself is purely organizational and not necessarily that visually interesting by itself. To create more visual interest usually requires a variation or change in the repetition in some way. We refer to this as “Repetition with Variation”.

The purpose of this variation or change is to create one or all of the following:

  • A Focal Point or Point of Specific Interest—Usually the result of an abrupt change.
  • Motion or Movement—Usually the result of gradual change.

Refer to this example of Line interval Systems


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