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Using one of the translations from the previous assignment, develop a visual Identity mark for an appropriate company, firm or person.

This translation does not necessarily have to be one from the final series from the previous assignment. It might be a separate idea that didn’t make it into the series because of being either too dark or light for the series progression.

You do not have to crop it as it was in the previous assignment either. In fact, as a logo image, usually it will be better if it is NOT cropped.

Deciding on the type of company, person, place or service that your image might represent is critical. It may be directly related (an image of a spoon used for a spoon company) or more indirectly related (a spoon used for a restaurant).


  • Name the company
    The name of the company might be the same—or is in the company title—as the object you drew (ie.—translation of a spoon used for a restaurant called Spoonful’s) or it might be used more indirectly (ie.—translation of a spoon used for a restaurant called the Eatery).
  • Develop a tagline or catch phrase for the company
    Again, the use of the name of the translation also used within the tagline itself, or not, should be considered. This idea is called Useful Redundancy when the image and wording repeat in a helpful or meaningful way. It is simply unnecessarily redundant when the repetition is not helpful.

message redundancy
(Useful Redundancy applied in Web Design)

  • Develop a color palette for the visual identity of the company
    After initially developing conceptual drawings in black and white with marker, Explore the addition of color as a means of “symbolically” extending the visual identity, not because of “realistic”, “stylish” or “favorite” colors. Ask yourself “What does the color combination communicate?”
  • color swatchesCreate two separate applications for the company using the logo and tagline. (magazine ad, bus stop ad, billboard, etc.)

Pay close attention to the visual relationship and hierarchy between the company name and it’s logo. Look at the result when the image is smaller than the words vs. the words being smaller that the image or they are both the same size. Size is not the only variable that affects hierarchy. Boldness, color and degree of complexity or detail are other examples that will also have major impact on the way an image or wording “jumps off the page”. Hierarchy refers to the balance or relationship between all of the elements. In this case you are working with three main elements;

  1. the company name
  2. the tagline and
  3. the translation/image.

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