ARTS 077 Graphic Design II

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GD II Sheng Moua Fig and Grnd FA2012

The second course in the graphic design core curriculum, Graphic Design II builds upon the concepts introduced in Graphic Design I. Acceptance into GD II requires completion of GD I and all relevant portfolio requirements established by the overall GD program.

The overriding theme of Visual Perception will be explored throughout the semester—what it is, how does it affect a target audience, and by what means does a designer attempt to use it. The theories of Gestalt, with particular emphasis on the relationship between figure and ground, proximity and similarity will be introduced as primary tools supplementing the foundational design concepts of sequence, visual hierarchy, grouping, and symbol recognition. Application of the grid will be employed as a means of visual organization through a range of assignments completed both off and on the computer. Typography and image making techniques will be equally explored in solving design problems through conceptual thinking and project development.

Course study will include historical style, consideration of target audience, and client requirements as reference points to developing meaningful contemporary design. All projects will encourage the development of a cohesive form and content relationship through visual communication. This is a challenging class, which requires thinking, reading, research, discussion, art, design, work and fun, involvement, please be prepared!

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

1. Build upon the concepts introduced in Graphic Design I and prepare the student to successfully meet the challenges of Graphic Design III.

2. Complete exploratory projects in design theory and practice, which may be used to develop a presentation portfolio of personal work.

3. Develop an understanding of the language of design, which includes critical theory, critique, history, technology, and craftsmanship.

4. Explore specifically the concept of Visual Perception as applied to visual communication.

5. Explore specifically the concepts of grouping and hierarchy as applied to visual communication.

6. Explore specifically the concept of Gestalt Theory as applied to visual communication.

7. Practice designing page layouts using a grid.

8. Demonstrate the ability to design successfully within specific requirements and parameters.

9. Define and employ industry standard graphic design terminology to describe projects.

The objectives will be achieved by:

  1. Completing projects of increasing complexity
  2. In class & homework exercises
  3. Analysis & critique one’s own work & then apply the skill to the work of others
  4. Readings, lectures & discussion of readings
  5. Writing

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