Interview Questions

Marketing/Communications Analysis

Interview Questions366036e.en.adobe-xd-march-news-em3.1200x504-2.jpg

How to Ask the right Interview Questions—The best way to get authentic customer stories is to use the right interview techniques.

These are good starting questions. They are meant as conversation starters. It is up to you to continue the conversation. Remember the purpose is to really get a feel for the philosophical as well as practical concerns, priorities and goals of the “company”. Reword these questions as you see fit to make the language appropriate for the people you are talking to.

  • List 10 words that to you best describe the nature or function of your company.
    • Prioritize this list from most to least important.
  • How are final business decisions made concerning your company?
    • Who is involved or what is the process?
  • What difference does it make that your company exists?
    • how is it unique, what do you do that no one else does, or how do you do it differently/better?
  • As you understand it, what is the mission of your company?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Who or what is your competition
    • indirect competition?—Indirect competition is the conflict between vendors whose products or services are not the same but that could satisfy the same consumer need. The term contrasts with direct competition,
    • direct competition?—in which businesses are selling products or services that are essentially the same.
  • What is the most important thing that you want customers/clients
    to feel about your company?

    • their perception
  • Where or how do you advertise your business?
    • locations, venues, manner or type of advertising
  • What is the most recognizable characteristic of your company?
    • honesty, customer service, reliability, quality, etc.
  • How do people currently recognize your company?
    • logo, colors, slogan, word of mouth, etc.



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