ARTS 073 Freshman Seminar

• ARTS 073 FroshSem Syllabus


Please read thoroughly the information from the following resource links:

Freshman Seminar is a core course in the sequence of classes known as Foundations and will introduce students majoring in either Studio Arts or Graphic Design to the basics of three critical areas for efficient and professional practice in the visual art studio. Those areas are:

  1. What It Means to Be an Artist/Designer, a philosophical grounding
  2. Portfolio Development and Artist/Designer Visual Identity
  3. Introductory Techniques, Procedure, & Processes for Studio and Safety

The topics and practices introduced in each of these general areas are meant to prepare the student for creative success in upper division classes of their major in Studio or Graphic Design. The student’s experience will include lectures, slides, videos, assigned reading, writing, discussion and development of an online portfolio of personal work. We will also see how changing technology affects the style and look of art/design projects and concepts. Freshman Seminar is meant to enhance the education of the student by providing an awareness of practical, technical and professional practices utilized in materials and processes related to the fields of art and design.

Examples of specific topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Sketch book
  2. Electronic file management and formatting
  3. Digital printing procedures
  4. Formal composition frameworks
  5. Artwork presentation techniques
  6. Equipment use policies and Safety Practices
  7. Studio etiquette and responsibilities
  8. Aesthetics
  9. Art philosophy
  10. Process and artistic development documentation techniques
  11. Development of an Online Personal Portfolio

Contemporary production and presentation issues will be explored relating to the overall creative process. The focus of all studio projects will be on the introduction to studio practices and development of skills as related to the professional practice of graphic design and studio art. This is a class meant to clarify Visual Art Department policies, equipment usage, and studio practices.


The main project and primary vehicle for exploration of class topics will be the creation of individual portfolio websites. These websites will contain written responses to assignments as well as be an online portfolio of personal art and design work. This site will serve as the initial site that will be expanded upon throughout your entire academic career at Pacific. It will be the primary vehicle used for your formal portfolio review at the end of the year during spring semester.


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