3. What is Creativity and Knowledge?

Additional Resources:

Creativity and Knowledge

Please write a brief essay/response connecting your thoughts about the relationship between Knowledge—that which you know, and Creativity—what you do when you innovate. These two ideas are obviously unique and distinct from one another, yet they are also related to and influence one another as well. Describe this relationship by contrasting and comparing. How does one influence the other? Does one necessarily always occur before the other?

This is a comparison/contrast response to these topics. Write at least a full page. Do not simply say what each is, instead think critically about what each is separately but more importantly how one effects or informs the other. This is one paper covering the two together.

I expect a well-organized, well-conceived piece of writing that has a clear thesis and compelling support. But I hope you will see this essay as much more than a classroom exercise. Ideally, this essay will serve you as you plan your studies (both in school and beyond) and, ultimately, as you present yourself in your future endeavors (in applications to graduate school or for employment, for example). So as you think about this essay, ask yourself, “What do I know? What do I know how to do? What would I like to know? What would I like to know how to do? When, where, and how do I intend to extend my education?” Think of the Picasso quote, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Also, before you write, think of how you expect to use knowledge as an amateur and how you expect to develop it later professionally, that is, as someone who loves his/her subject.

Think about the movie “Why Man Creates” and also the comments from John Steinbeck on Creativity.

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