1 thought on “Linnaeaus

  1. I think the most important message to take away from “Linnaeus Forgets” is to learn from an experience and also success comes with the ability to move forward while being careful to keep what is useful. The plant in the story represented something so fantastical that it could have stopped Linnaeus’ growth and career but then tells of how Linnaeus, like other great minds, had the power to forget and because of that he retained his sense of metaphor and wonder of the natural world. The self-doubt first experienced by Linnaeus when he discovers the liveliness of the plant shows another self-destructing tendency that he was able to overcome by taking precautions and reassuring himself of his own sensibility. As artists, it is important to use self-doubt to become more courageous in work but to also keep from falling into a spirit of self-praise and deny yourself any creative experimentation. Lastly, the story warned against becoming a victim of your critics as Linnaeus became more successful and loved as he never succumbed to discouraging critiques.

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