5. Artist Logo

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You personal logo must be used on your portfolio website homepage, your résumé and your business card. You do not need to put it in your art/design gallery as a design piece.

Create a personal logo/visual identity mark that symbolizes you and your aspirations as an artist/designer. This mark is not a complete drawing/scene, it is instead a symbol. It might be totally typographic. Make it meaningful and something that can be used on your website, résumé and eventually a business card.

Your logo is a visual signature. It is not a picture, it is a symbol. Do not try to represent all of you in the mark that you make. Instead, try to capture one or two of the main characteristics of yourself that would be meaningful as an artist/designer.

Use color symbolically, not realistically. You may want to do a totally typographic logo, or a stylistic treatment of your name rather than create an additional design. You might also consider a combination of both a design with a stylized name or a design alone. In either of these versions, however, remember that the result is more like a signature—not the main or dominant design when used on a page or letter.



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