RSS Feed

An RSS Link or feed is basically a link/button from your website that will allow the user direct access to information at some other website. (you might also set up your website with a RSS broadcast link so that others could directly access what you post). This is slightly different from a regular hyperlink in that RSS is information that is constantly changing. It is always the most current and therefore links to different specific topics or articles on any given day as it is being updated at the source site.

For our purposes we want to add an RSS link from your portfolio site to at least one other site that regularly broadcasts information that is highly relevant to artists and/or designers. Examples of two such organizations that do exactly that are the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and American Institute for the Graphic Arts (AIGA).

The basic steps are these:

  • First you must have an app on your computer that reads RSS such as RSS Bot found at the app store.
  • Second, go to the website of the organization that broadcasts RSS (not all do).
  • Click on the RSS icon found with the other social media/sharing icons on the site.
  • Hit the NEXT button (if using RSS bot) and copy the RSS URL address.
  • Go to My Sites>>Customize>>Widgets on your portfolio site.
  • Decide where you want the RSS feeds to appear on your site by selecting one of the menu locations (Footer, Main side bar, Footer 2, etc.)
  • Click the + sign to add a widget. You will see a menu of many different types of widgets all arranged alphabetically. “Search” for example would also be found here (which would create a search or find box on your site). You are looking for the widget called RSS (not RSS Links).
  • Click the RSS widget and it will appear in the sidebar you have opened.
  • Toggle it open to access the specific information for the RSS feed. Paste in the RSS URL you copied earlier. Title this feed. (NEA, or AIGA for example). Decide how many article titles you wish to display at a time. Decide if you want to also display a short description of the article along with its title. Leave the rest blank. Hit the “Save and Publish” button at the top.
  • You can add more than one RSS feed by simply repeating the same process above for a new RSS URL.