Final Website Requirements


Class Website examples—refer to these to see examples of portfolio websites from previous students in ARTS 073

At the end of the semester you should have completed the following:

  • Type written a minimum of a half page essay for each of the following:
  • Typewritten a minimum of a half-page autobiography
  • Started an online portfolio website
  • Created Parent pages for main category tabs
    • One of the main tabs should be entitled “Writings” or something similar and contain all of the essays, each on their own Page.
  • Created a personal Logo
  • Written your résumé
  • completed a sketchbook containing a minimum of the following:
    • Six objects you pass by on your way to school each day but usually don’t notice
    • Animate the above six objects
    • Six different sketches of the workings of the same mechanical object
    • Six different sketches of the same organic object
  • Photographed and uploaded all of your sketchbook drawings to your Portfolio and located them under its own Tab called “Sketchbook”. This Sketchbook tab should be located as a child under Parent called “Drawings”. “Drawings”should in turn be found under a main tab called “Artwork”.
  • Created a “Static” Home page. From the Customize option in the Dashboard, select a page that you have already created as your Home page. It should not be titled “Home” Instead, “Welcome” or “My Portfolio ” would be better choices.
  • Enable Comments for your site.
  • Created a personal artist tagline from the Customize>>Site Identity option in the Dashboard.To make changes or to add a custom tagline, simply log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings > General:General WordPress Settings: Title & TaglineOr you can click on Appearance > Customize to go to the live theme customizer.


  • Add internal hyperlinks to other pages on your site
    • first go to the page you wish to link to
    • copy its address
    • return to the page where you want to create the link
    • type and/or select a word
    • click the “chain link” button
    • paste the address you copied
    • click the “add link” button
  • Add external hyperlinks to other sites
    • do the same as you did to create an internal link, except you copy an address from a website page that is not one from your own website
  • Add Video
  • Add artist influence with images and links to their page
    • the links and video that you might add here also satisfy the add external hyperlinks and add video requirement mentioned above.
  • Add additional writing/essays completed for other classes (Art History, Public Speaking, English, Pacific Seminar, etc.) locate these under the Writings tab.
  • Use your logo  on your Business card, resumé and website.
  • Create a PDF versions of both your final résumé and business card
    • From your “About Me” tab, add a link to the PDF (this will be a printable version. (click the Add Media button to do this) The résumé and business card will not be visible on your website, only the links to download them.
    • Include on the website itself only a narrative summary of the  your résumé. The narrative summary is a paragraph or two in sentence form (not a list) telling us the highlights that are in outline form on the résumé itself.
  • Add captions to all your artwork
    • Click the image
    • Click the “caption” button from the pop up menu
    • Type in the caption
  • Add descriptions to all your artwork
  • Add a Personal artist/designer Statement
    Apply thinking from your essay questions to your own art/design. What do you want to create with your artistic work? Why do you want to be an artist/signer? At least a half-page, single spaced in length. This is different from your personal bio. THIS IS WHERE YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR INTEREST IN ART/DESIGN.
  • Add An Artist Objective or tagline—
    This is different from your longer artist statement . An artist objective is just one sentence or short phrase in length and appears at the top of the résumé and is specifically intended to tell someone what kind of art/design work you are looking for or to do. (examples might include: “To study the California coastline as a landscaper painter.” or, “To develop sustainable design solutions as a package designer.” etc.)