Freshman Seminar Class Notes

• ARTS 073 Syllabus

• ARTS 073 Assignment Calendar

  • Expectations

Studio Policies

  • Course Objectives
  • Note Taking
  • Attendance
  • Grading
  • Supplies/Materials

How to be a successful student of Art/Design


Mac Lab
Log in with your InsidePacific username and password. If you receive a keychain error after a while, it’s because you changed your InsidePacific password, and keychain needs to be updated. You can type in your previous InsidePacific password and it will update, and this will stop the error from appearing each time.

GD Website:


Course Assignments

Your website/portfolio

WebsitePortfolio Requirements

Create a Google account and email address

WordPress Tips

Points to Concentrate On
Freshman Portfolio Review Rubric

Preparation for Portfolio Review, Spring semester

Internship Practicums and Independent Studies


Assignment 1

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