NCUR—National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Submitting your Abstract to NCUR   You will need to create an account before you can upload your abstract.

Have the following information available when submitting your abstract:

1.   Name and e-mail address for each faculty mentor and co-author
2.   Undergraduate Research Office Coordinator (UROC) name, e-mail address, and phone number. (for us this person is Dr. Lydia K. Fox, Ph.D.)
3.   Presentation type: if you are doing a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation you should select ORAL (not poster, not visual arts)
4.   Field of study (See the complete list. For us, this is usually Communications, Visual Art, Business, or a field related to your subject.)

Pacific’s co-ordinator of undergraduate research (URC) Dr. Lydia Fox. Her contact info:

Lydia K. Fox, Ph.D.

Director of Undergraduate Research
Chair, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95212


My contact information:

S. Brett DeBoer

To submit your abstract to NCUR:

Submitting the abstract to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is for the purpose of having it accepted for your presentation at the national conference and for possible publication in their annual proceedings. You will first need to open an account with NCUR to complete this process. (free)
Note: The title and author(s) of your abstract will appear EXACTLY as you enter them in the abstract submission form.  Please double-check punctuation and spelling before submitting.

  1. Go to the NCUR link for Abstract guidelines
    read through all information and formatting guidelines there
  2. Create a new student account from the “here” link found within the paragraph of information.
  3. Fill in your account information
  4. Select Communications, or a subject area which is related to your topic under Choose Subject. This will be the group that you present with.
  5. Select Oral as the presentation Type (not poster, not visual arts)

Over holiday break you will hear back from NCUR via email whether or not your proposal was accepted. If so, you then have the choice of presenting your project at the conference. This step is purely your choice and not mandatory for this assignment or for attending and presenting at the conference, it is simply an opportunity for you to get published if you take advantage of it. I strongly urge you to do this if accepted.

An additional opportunity for you, if your abstract is accepted, is to write up the project as a formal paper for publication. This is in addition to your presentation. See below for information on writing the paper.

The NCUR national conference is held annually each spring at a different college campus. For you, this typically means presenting your project in PowerPoint or Keynote that describes your research process, the final design and your conclusions.

On our campus, just for Pacific students is PURCC (Pacific Undergraduate Research Conference). All of our projects will be presented here at the Pacific Conference on Undergraduate Research (PURCC) which occurs annually each spring and typically coincides with the senior show in the Reynolds Gallery.

Writing the Paper (optional)

The paper is submitted separately from the oral presentation to NCUR Proceedings. The NCUR Proceedings formatting guidelines can be found here.

Here is the NCUR Guidelines checklist.

Abstracts should:

1.   Clearly state the central research question and/or purpose of the project.
2.   Provide brief, relevant scholarly or research context (no actual citations required) that demonstrate its attempt to make a unique contribution to the area of inquiry.
3.   Provide a brief description of the research methodology.
4.   State conclusions or expected results and the context in which they will be discussed.
5.   Include text only (no images or graphics)
6.   Be well-written and well-organized.

Other formatting guidelines:

1.   References are allowed within abstracts, but not required.
2.   The form will not process all formatting and special characters (e.g., scientific symbols). Use plain text format for your abstract. There is space in the form to include a link to online documentation, formulas, images, music files, etc. in support of your submission. You may use this space to provide a link to a location to view your abstract in its original form.
3.   Abstracts are usually 200-300 words long with no paragraph breaks. MAXIMUM LENGTH = 300 WORDS!

These are the criteria that are used to review your paper from NCUR. Use them as a checklist to aid your writing style and organization.

  • Does the paper title adequately describe the project?
  • Is the paper in the proper format?
  • Single Spaced?
  • Not more than 10 pages?
  • Is the paper full justified?
  • Bold type used for title and paragraph headings only?
  • Are figures and tables in correct format?
  • Is the first page header in correct font (new times roman) and point size (9).
  • Paragraphs and subparagraph in prescribed format?
  • Does the abstract describe the project? (No personal Pronouns)
  • Are the references adequate and in the prescribed format?
  • Is the paper logical and coherent?
  • Is the hypothesis or research question or purpose of the project stated clearly?
  • Is the methodology clearly presented and adequate?
  • Is the author’s conclusion fully supported by the data’s analysis?
  • Does the student demonstrate an awareness of other research relevant to the topic?
  • Does the conclusion genuinely follow from that argument?
  • Is the conclusion the result of genuine, relevant, and sufficient evidence, intelligent and analyzed and fairly employed?
  • Does this paper demonstrate the maturity and thoroughness that distinguish genuine undergraduate research from a traditional research paper performed as a course assignment, even a clever one?

Some of the Pacific GD students who have presented at NCUR in the past:



Praji at NCUR 2018

NCUR 2018 Oklahoma State University






Praji Prasana—2018, Project Prototype