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Undergraduate Research University of the Pacific

Scholarly activity has traditionally been an important enrichment in the educational experience for undergraduate students at the University of the Pacific, and the University has reaffirmed its support of research and scholarly/creative activity as complements to the teaching mission of its undergraduate programs.

In recognition of this, the Dean’s Office will annually fund students to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The conference is an outstanding opportunity for students to present their work in a distinguished national forum.  

Proposals will first be in the form of a topic thesis statement, then as a rough draft, thirdly a final draft to me before final form to Dr. Lydia Fox and Dr. Edie Sparks, along with a representative of the College Council who will assist the Dean’s Office in selecting the student awardees. Students attending NCUR will also be expected to present their work at the Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC), which takes place during the spring semester as well.

A one to two page proposal must be submitted to the College Academic Affairs Office Look for deadlines posted on the CAA office website. Proposals based on research conducted last year are also encouraged.

Abstracts will be published in an annual report and intended to be included in the University-wide research celebration held each Spring semester. 

Important Dates;

Call for Applications and Abstracts : October
Deadline for Applications and Abstracts : November
Notification Decision on Abstracts : January
Deadline for Conference Registration : March
Hotel Reservation Deadline : March



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