Make a Boring Product Sexy

Chris Beckley—AIGA
Let’s face it, not every product that we use on daily basis is classified as “sexy”. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it look sexy though. Just because you’re not Apple, doesn’t mean you can’t be a little bolder in your marketing message.

The truth is, most products are considered boring, but they’re a necessary element to daily life. By having a little more creativity in your message will attract more attention to your business. Just because your product is boring doesn’t mean the marketing has to be. Here’s how you can spice it up a little bit.

Show Off the Value of Your Product

This should be the primary message you’re trying to showcase. Showing your consumer the value of your product can be done in a number of ways.

  • User Value: How does your product value your end user?
  • Solution: What solution does your product provide your potential customer?
  • Financial: How much money are they saving with your product?

Finding out the answer to those three questions will help you to determine the real value of your product. Once you know it, you can effectively create your message around it. Making your value your primary call to action.

Make it Visually Engaging

Just because your product is boring to look at, doesn’t mean you have to focus only on your product’s specifications. Unless your goal is putting people to sleep, then yes do that. Do you think gum is visually appealing? Of course not. It’s used to solve one purpose, bad breathe. Trident Gum (Beldent in South America), did a good job with their commercial. Making people visually see why gum is preferred by doing an experiment. The experiment led to 7 MM Youtube views.

Tell the Story Behind Your Product

Every product has a story behind it. Tell it. How your product came about is sometimes what makes it most unique. Have a voice dedicated to telling the story of your product. This not only makes your product more interesting, but it creates a connection with your potential customer. They feel like they know your brand and your product. More benefits of product storytelling include:

  • Builds Emotional Engagement
  • Humanizes Your Company
  • Builds Trust

Closing Thoughts

Boring products can be transformed into successful marketing and branding campaigns. Don’t be afraid to be edgy, but remember to keep it professional. Adding humor in your message won’t hurt either!