Metaphor Campaign Rubric

Use this as a guideline or check list
to make sure you cover all that is required by this assignment.


  • Eye contact
    • look and speak to directly to your audience, avoid looking only at your work as you speak
  • Confidence/Presence
    • practice what you are going to say and in what order
  • Knowledge of topic
    • your presentation should provoke comments and questions from the audience so that you can further expand on its relevance
  • Sequence/order of presentation, logical conclusion
    • lead the audience through your information
  • Personal habits
    • work on minimizing the overuse of distracting words such as umm… or like, playing with your hair, etc.

Campaign Design

  • Clear application of concept to campaign
  • Articulate the concept, target audience and selling point characteristic
  • Clear Statement of underlying Concept
  • Clear and engaging Tagline/Slogan
  • Clear identification of “selling point” product or company characteristic

Clear understanding of target audience

  • Defining characteristics (at least 4)
    • these are characteristics that distinguish this audience from any other
  • Sequence because of target audience
    • the order in which the design applications (products of design) in your campaign are “unveiled” or otherwise seen
  • Choices of design applications (products of design) because of target audience
    • audience preferences

Use of metaphor

  • Connecting or illustrating the “Selling Point” to target audience
    • through image, slogan or combination of both
  • Convincing persuasive tool
    • metaphor should be unique, imaginative, humorous and uses language appropriate for target audience
  • Logical application
    • metaphor reveals or illustrates the product characteristic logically, convincingly
  • Balance between image and words
    • synergy between image and words. It is a gestalt

Creativity and Craftsmanship

  • Uniqueness
    • memorable, clever, not like anything else
  • Attention to detail
    • professional standards