Preparing for ARTS 175

Over the holiday break you will want to plan for your capstone graphic design course in the spring, ARTS 175. This should be primarily an organizational exercise, meaning that the majority of what you should try to accomplish before classes resume involves locating, naming (labeling) and filing past works from all of your classes.

Find and Organize the Following:

  • physical artworks
  • digital files of works
  • class assignments
  • internship/practicum works
  • independent studies
  • freelance and/or special individual projects

It is important to realize that you do not have one single piece that, right now, is ready to go into your final portfolio. Therefore, it also involves some reflective thinking about what you have accomplished over the past 3 1/2 years at Pacific and how you want to “bring it all together” in the most meaningful way for you.

Refer back to your initial writings concerning your impressions of art and design, and the relationship between the two, that you completed during freshman seminar.

Locate specific information for:

  • résumé
    • education
    • experience
    • names, places and dates
  • places where you would like to work
  • the kind of work you would most like to do
  • Job search
  • Becoming a Designer

Start thumbnail ideas for your personal logo/visual identity mark.

  • be inspired your own work
  • be aspirational in terms of what kind of designer do you want to be
  • logos