ARTS 103 Graphic Production

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Field Trip G3, Spring 2016

Graphic Production introduces the student to the methods of technical production associated with graphic design. The student’s experience will include lectures, slides, videos, assigned reading, writing and discussion of the diversity of images and styles of design as influenced by various forms of graphic production. We will also see how changing technology affects the style and look of graphic design projects and concepts. Graphic Design Production is meant to enhance the education of the student majoring in Graphic Design by providing an awareness of practical, technical and professional practices. Specific topics in typography, image preparation, electronic file management and formatting, paper and alternative printing substrates, color management, and the major commercial printing techniques will be presented from the perspective of their individual and collective affects on the look of graphic design applications. Contemporary production issues will be explored relating to preparation of work for print. The focus of all studio projects will be on efficient production practices as related to the profession of graphic design. We will also take several field trips to various local production houses (print, paper, packaging). The final studio project will be the production of a magazine and accompanying interactive component with the class functioning as a design/production team.

Design Field trip, PSC, 2011

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes Include:

  1. Demonstrate the correct steps in seamless preparation of design work for traditional pre-press re-production printing.
  2. Demonstrate the use of a working vocabulary for communication with pre-press and other production professionals.
  3. Experience first-hand a variety of production situations.
  4. Demonstrate the correct use of design tools for production
  5. Actively participate in individual and group projects meant to address design issues from the production point of view.
  6. Demonstrate the roles of design-related tools and technology in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual messages. Relevant tools and technologies include, but are not limited to, drawing, offset printing, photography, and time-based and interactive media (film, video, computer multimedia).

The objectives will be achieved/measured by:

  1. Completing projects of increasing complexity following requirements stated in specific design briefs for each assignment.
  2. Successful completion of and participation with in-class & homework exercises.
  3. Verbal and written analysis & critique one’s own and classmates work.
  4. Participation in discussion of readings, lectures.
  5. Portfolio of work demonstrating individual student application of class learning objectives and assignment requirements.
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