inDesign: Combine separate chapters as one inDesign Book


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First collect all of the individual inDesign docs. or “chapters” in one common folder.

Duplicate this folder. This way you will be sure to have an original file for a backup as you continue the next steps in the book assemble process.

Open a new inDesign “Book” file.

All that will open at this point is a small window pallet called the “Book Panel”. It is similar to the Links pallett in Illustrator in that it references the information from the files showing here as opposed those files actually being created in the Book doc.

At the bottom of this panel is a + icon. Click this to add your chapters to this window.

Drag the chapters above or below one another to rearrange them in their correct order if necessary.

To apply one set of styles to all the individual documents that you have in an InDesign Book, you must first designate one of the documents as the “source”or master file. Then you “synchronize” or link the remaining documents to it.

Book PanelAdd doc options

Click the Style Source Icon next to the name of the document that you want to control the rest of the documents in the book. This sets that document as the master or Source document.

Then click the Synchronize icon. This is located at the bottom of the Book panel, the very first one in the row.

Set Synchronize options from the options icon in upper right corner of the Book panel menu to set or change the attributes of the source file that will be applied to other synced chapters.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.04.09 PM

Choose Book Page Numbering Options from the Book panel to customize page numbering.







Creating a Table of Contents (TOC)

InDesign creates a TOC by looking at the styles applied to paragraphs and then listing the text and pages for those paragraphs.

Add the blank page for the TOC

Apply paragraph styles to the paragraphs that you want to appear in the TOC.

    • Layout>>TOC
    • Set Title in the Title field
    • Apply a paragraph style to format the title
    • Set Listings by first selecting a paragraph style from the “Other Styles” area of the TOC dialog box
    • Click the Add button.
    • Make further additions and style changes from the Entry Style menu or More                            Options