Printing Techniques – 3D Box

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Printing Brochure Part Deux

Think of this assignment as an extension of—or companion to—your previous Printing Techniques Brochure assignment. For this companion piece you are to create a 3-dimesional version of the same information covering the methods and techniques of commercial printing. Think of this 3D box as a quick reference guide and the brochure as a much more comprehensive source of information. Keep your graphics and overall “look” similar to your brochure.

Because its a three dimensional piece, you’ll need to consider how each panel relates to the rest of the design (as well as which panels face which direction in your flat layout in order to get everything to print correctly. Please choose one of the CAD drawings from the links below to use for your structure. How large you decide to print your box is up to you. You may add or remove elements (like adding or removing a die cut window) if you feel that it will enhance your design.



Your box is meant to be viewed as a 3D structure (fully assembled) and viewed from all sides, don’t forget the bottom. You do not need to have graphics on the inside of your box.

You must include information on at least 5 print methods and 2 special effects.

Projects with the following will NOT be acceptable: Mis-spellings, gramar errors, poor craftsmanship (raw cut edges, uneven scores, glue smudges), pixelated images.

For this project you will set up your file in Adobe Illustrator and use everything you have learned so far in terms of setting up files for production. (Use the proper color space, image type & resolution, set up bleeds, etc). Export the PDF using the Parks Printing PDF settings.

Final assembled boxes, and the Print-Ready PDF will be due Wednesday March 9th.