Printing Techniques Brochure Spring 2016


Create a resource booklet which introduces the basic facts about the major forms of commercial printing. Write the copy in your own words so that it may serve as your personal reference guide in the future. Add diagrams and images to aid in clarifying each process.

*** You must use at least ONE published book in addition to any web articles for your research. Your design should include footnotes documenting where you found your information, and photo credits for any images you use (including scans from books or web downloads). ***

You may find these links helpful as part of your research:

***As a minimum, your booklet must contain information about the following:

File:Flatbed Letterpress Diagram.svg

***Plus, include at least ONE of the following: Digital Lithographic Printing, Ink-Jet Printing, Engraving, Thermography, Holographic Printing or Lenticular Printing (you may include more than one for extra credit).

***Also as a minimum, include these 4 major special effects printing processes:

    • Coating Options: Varnish, Aqueous & UV


The size and format of your brochure are up to you.

Incorporate good typographic and layout practices as well as consider how your booklet would be printed commercially.