Printing Techniques Interactive

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Printing Brochure Part Deux

Think of this assignment as an extension of—or companion to—your previous Printing Techniques Brochure assignment. For this companion piece you are to create an interactive version of the same but with more extensive information covering the methods and techniques of production commercial printing. Think of the print version as a quick reference guide and the website as a much more comprehensive source of information.

Because it is online, it is easier to update than a printed piece. It should also have hyperlinks to other websites as well as internal links to connect and navigate the various pages of your site. This allows for a more integrated delivery of the information showing the relationships, differences and similarities between the different printing techniques and methods information that you have on your own site. You will also add photographs, graphics and video to illustrate and convey information in several ways. The overall amount of information falls somewhere between the quick reference guide in print and a website on printing that you might use as research for this project. The amount of information on your site should be more similar to that found on another site rather that the shortened versions found in the printed guide.

This piece is meant to be seen on the screen but also provide the means to print out pdf versions of information. Design with the following main concerns or features in mind;

  • Interactivity allows you to add hyperlinks to additional sources of information found on the internet. So, add them to key words within your text to provide the reader with access to relevant information beyond that contained on your site.
  • Digital screen applications allow for easy up-to-date addition of information that can become out of date in print. So, do not simply duplicate the information that you have in your print version but instead look for ways to augment that information with examples of cutting edge technology and developments in technology as they relate to production processes.
  • On-line applications allow for various means of accessing information. So, look for way of extending information that you provided in print with greater detail or more thorough explanations, or by adding interactive elements.
  • Companion design applications have the potential for supporting the information that each piece provides on its own. So, compare, contrast and develop strengths provided by each. Ask yourself, “what does the print version not provide that an interactive version could?”

You may create an interactive application using Dreamweaver, HTML, WordPress, Acrobat, etc. for example. If, you currently have no experience with web design I would encourage you to use WordPress as an introductory program. The following links are focused specifically on creating a personal website using WordPress but the information is still helpful to help you get started using the program.

If not using WordPress, than publish your website by following the directions below;

On a PC:
Under web-docs in your u-drive, make a new folder that will contain all your files for your webpage (make sure the name has no spaces). The link for this would be just like the example above except three things would change:
  1. The person’s username would replace “kgrodske” in the link above
  2. The name of the folder the person used would replace “PrintMethods”
  3. The name of the main page file would replace “printing.php” (make sure the file extension is included)
To access your u-drive on a Mac, here’s a tutorial: When typing the address to get to the u-drive for the sample above, it would be “smb://homedirs1/kgrodske“. After step 4 of the tutorial page, the folder will come up. To disconnect the folder, there should be a little eject symbol next to “homedirs1” or you can drag it to the trash can.

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