Passport to Pre-press – 2017



Passport to Pre-press

Objective: Create a “Passport” of illustrated and defined pre-press terms and concepts. This is an on-going project, in addition to other projects we’ll do throughout the semester, that you will be responsible for completing by the end of the course. I will periodically request that you hand in your notebooks for review!

  1. Get a small notebook of your choosing. (Smaller, pocket style notebooks that are 3.5” x 5” – 5.5” x 8.5” work well.) You will need a minimum of 150 pages, so you may need two books. The style of notebook is up to you, spiral bound, perfect bound, ruled, blank, or gridlines – it doesn’t matter.
  2. Throughout the semester you will receive a list of terms to be added to the notebook. Using 1 page per term, write the definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You may use your text book, handouts, or the internet to help you define things – but be sure that you are obtaining the definition of the word as it pertains to pre-press, graphic production or printing. (for example, Stripper, Hickey and Knock Out, are all printing terms… and they probably don’t mean what just popped into your head!)
  3. Include a hand-drawn illustration of the term or paste in a physical sample. If drawn, you may copy the illustration from any source you want, but you must draw it by hand. This can be a pencil/pen sketch, colored with colored pencil… what ever you prefer. If something is pasted in (like a foil stamp), it must be a physical sample of the item, not a photo printed out from the internet.


Some of the concepts will be more difficult to illustrate… draw something that will help you visually remember what the term means.

You may combine up to 3 related terms onto one page where it makes sense (for example: Pre-print and Imprint, or Overprint/Knockout, or Spread/Choke/Trap), but you still must define each one individually.

Due Dates: 

Bring Empty Journal to Class: ______________________

First Review: ______________________

Second Review: ______________________

Third Review: ______________________

Turn in Completed Passport: ______________________

Late Work Policy: All projects are due on the day & time given, always at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted. A late accommodation is given only with the understanding that emergencies & unforeseen circumstances occasionally arise. A late project must be turned in by the following class & will be marked down one letter grade accordingly. A later submission will not be accepted. Missing a scheduled critique or presentation will result in an “F” for that project. If you are sick the day a project is due, you MUST bring a doctor’s note when returning to class.

Passport Terms


  1. Flexography
  2. Lithography
  3. Gravure
  4. Ink Jet Printing
  5. Intaglio Printing
  6. Letterpress
  7. Offset Printing
  8. Photoengraving
  9. Screen Printing (Serigraphy)
  10. Thermography
  11. Sheetfed Press
  12. Rotary Press
  1. Blanket
  2. Color Control Bar
  3. Densitometer
  4. Gripper Edge
  5. Imagesetter
  6. Impression Cylinder
  7. Ink Fountain
  8. Plate
  9. Platemaker
  10. Printing Plate
  11. Printing Unit
  12. Raster Image Processor (RIP)

Print & Color:

  1. Additive Color
  2. Bitmap
  3. Bleed
  4. Butt Register
  5. Choke
  6. CMYK (4color process)
  7. Color Gamut
  8. Color Separation
  9. Color Sequence
  10. Continuous-tone
  11. Crop Marks
  12. Dot Gain
  13. Dots-per-inch (DPI)
  14. Drawdown
  15. Duotone
  16. Ink Density
  17. Fine Screen (High Line Screen)
  18. Coarse Screen
    (Low Line Screen)
  19. Flood
  20. For Position Only
  21. Gang
  22. Gate Fold
  23. Ghosting
  24. Glyphs
  25. Halftone
  26. Head-to-tail
  27. Hickey
  28. Image Area
  29. Imprint
  30. Kern
  31. Knock Out
  32. Ligature
  33. Loupe (loop)
  34. Makeready
  35. Mark-Up
  36. Mechanical
  37. Metallic Ink
  38. Mock Up and/or Dummy
  39. Moiré
  40. Mottle
  41. Overprint
  42. Paste-up
  43. Pica
  44. Pixel
  45. PMS
  46. Prepress
  47. Preprint
  48. Press Check
  49. Proof
  50. Proofreader Marks
  51. Register Marks
  52. Mis-Registration
  53. Resolution
  54. Reverse out
  55. RGB
  56. Right Reading
  57. Screen Angles
  58. Screen Density
  59. Screen Frequency
    (or Line Screen)
  60. Separations
  61. Spot Color
  62. Spread (as it relates to Trapping)
  63. Standard Viewing Conditions
  64. Substrate
  65. Subtractive Color
  66. Tint
  67. Trap
  68. Trim Size
  69. Typographers Quotes
  70. # Up
  71. Vignette
  72. Vector
  73. 5000 Degrees Kelvin


  1. Blind Emboss
  2. Comb Binding
  3. Creep
  4. Crossover
  5. Cutting Die
  6. Die Cut
  7. Deboss
  8. Emboss
  9. Foil Stamp
  10. Gutter
  11. Imposition
  12. Kiss Die Cut
  13. Perfect Bind
  14. Perforating
  15. Post Bind
  16. Printer Spreads
  17. Reader Spread
  18. Saddle Stitch
  19. Score
  20. Shingling
  21. Side stitch
  22. Signature
  23. Spine
  24. Spiral Bind
  25. Spread


  1. Antique Finish
  2. Basis Weight
  3. Booklet Envelope
  4. Catalog Envelope
  5. C1S
  6. C2S
  7. Calendar
  8. Caliper
  9. Converting
  10. Deckle Edge
  11. Felt Finish
  12. Grain Direction
  13. Short Grain
  14. Long Grain
  15. Indicia
  16. Ink Holdout
  17. Laid Finish
  18. Linen Finish
  19. Ream
  20. Vellum Finish
  21. Watermark
  22. Wove Finish