2-Printing Techniques Brochure



Create a resource booklet/brochure which introduces the basic facts about the major forms of commercial printing. Write the copy in your own words so that it may serve as your personal reference guide in the future. Add diagrams and images to aid in clarifying each process.


You must use at least ONE published book (can be my text book) in addition to any web articles for your research. Your design should include footnotes documenting where you found information, and photo credits for any images you use (including scans from books or web downloads). On the PacificGraphicDesign Site you will find links to several sites that may be helpful as part of your research.


Your booklet must contain information about the following printing methods:

Offset Lithography (Litho)

Flexography (Flexo)

Seriography (Screen Printing)

Letterpress (foundry type, wood type)

Rotogravure (gravure)

Plus, include at least 1 of the following: (you may include more than one for extra credit).

▪ Digital Printing

▪ Ink-Jet Printing

▪ Engraving

▪ Thermography

▪ Holographic Printing

▪ Lenticular Printing

You must also include these 4 finishing processes:


Foil Stamping

Embossing (and de-bossing)

▪Coating Options: Aqueous & UV


  • The size and format of your brochure are up to you. A limited supply of 13 x 19 paper is available to you to use on the Epson Printers, as well as 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 for the Ricoh.
  • This is a production class… think about HOW you will assemble your brochure BEFORE you get it all designed. Consider how your project would be printed commercially & assembled.
  • You will be graded on things like craftsmanship (are your cuts clean, folds crisp & neat, does it look professional), in addition to creativity, layout & presentation. Projects that are poorly assembled, messy or sloppy will not be accepted.
  • Images must NOT be pixilated – redraw diagrams if needed.
  • Incorporate good typographic and layout practices & SPELL CHECK!
  • Final Digital Files must be uploaded to the Google Drive and should follow good file management practices.

Due Dates: 

Initial Sketches: ______________________

Unprinted Functioning Mockup, Created at Actual Size: ______________________

Rough Draft: ______________________

Final Project Critique & Final Files Due: ______________________

Late Work Policy: All projects are due on the day & time given, always at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted. A late accommodation is given only with the understanding that emergencies & unforeseen circumstances occasionally arise. A late project must be turned in by the following class & will be marked down one letter grade accordingly. A later submission will not be accepted. Missing a scheduled critique or presentation will result in an “F” for that project. If you are sick the day a project is due, you MUST bring a doctor’s note when returning to class.

Refer to these sources as only a part of your research:

File:Flatbed Letterpress Diagram.svg