Ancient Scripts

FIRST, Letterform 

  • Write your name in each of the scripts (7) listed below.
  • Do this by hand, not on the computer.
  • Draw each one using approximately 1 inch tall letters.
  • Take your time and try to capture the subtle nuances that characterize the personality of each script.
  • Do this by carefully looking at examples of the script and then write your name calligraphically, or simply and draw the forms.
  • If your name contains letters that were not in existence during the time that the script was in use you may do one of several things.
    1. discover and use the original root form of your name and use that instead.
    2. use your middle name instead
    3. use your last name instead
  1. Uncials
  2. Half Uncials
  3. Roman Capitals
    1. Monumentalis
    2. Quadrata
    3. Rustica
  4. Caroline or Carolinian Miniscules
  5. Textura

 SECOND, Design Thinking

  • Pick one of the scripts from the list above.
  • Analyze it according to each of the Design Thinking criteria listed below.
  • Be prepared to explain your decisions/reasoning to the rest of the class.

In other words, write a sentence or two explaining how technology influenced the script. Then do the same for the remaining 5 criteria.

  1. Technology
  2. Culture
  3. Geographic Location
  4. Belief System
  5. Style