Small Group Presentations

Whatever specific topic your group chooses to present, you must address the general idea of Design Thinking. Your presentation to the class must demonstrate your ability to draw conclusions based on your research and understanding of the topic. 

  • Look for reasons why the design innovation occurred.
  • What were the underlying circumstances?
  • Establish overall time and place Zeitgeist as context for the specific development/innovation. You must be able to show how that Zeitgeist affected the specific development/innovation.
  • Establish the relevant technologies of the time.
  • Establish belief systems, religion or prevailing attitude.
  • Who or what were influences on its development?
  • Use one of the topics listed under the chosen chapters as the focus of your presentation. Look for ties between each, however.
  • Do not do a book report. You will need to mention dates and locations, etc. but you must then tell us how that information is relevant.
  • Your presentation may be in the form of a Powerpoint, a multi-page PDF, video, website or other form of slide show. You may also choose to bring in actual examples or additional artifacts to explain your thoughts.

Chapter 5  and 6

  • Gutenberg
  • Incunabula
  • Albrecht Dürer