Style Comparison Take Home

Compare each of the following three styles with one another;

  1. Industrial Revolution Victorian
  1. Arts and Craft
  1. Art Nouveau

Each of these styles overlap with one another in time (generally speaking the 19th century) however, different aspects of the spirit of the 19th C. had greater impact on each of them. (they were not all affected in the same way or by the same things).

The first of these chapters focuses on the technological influences caused by the Industrial revolution and the design style of Victorianism. Chapter 10 looks at the reaction against those influences and chapter 11 looks at a much more open reaction against Victorianism.

You assignment is to compare all three of these in a more in-depth way then my brief description above. Focus on the specific part of the Zeitgeist that primarily “drives” each of these styles and causes them to look the way they did. Ask questions, form theories, try to draw conclusions. Look for examples. Are there examples of both design leading and design following?

Look for defining characteristics in all forms of popular culture/design. Typical images to look for that may reflect this may be found in architecture, clothing, furniture, appliances, products, transportation, advertising—graphic design. Look for inventions or technology that perhaps had a defining influence on the prevailing style—defining characteristics.

Take notes. In your notes describe how the zeitgeist affected the individual unique look of each graphic style. Pose questions based on what you find out or see.