Keywords: Modern Movement in U.S.

Guiding questions:

  • What does design thinking mean when applied to “Modern Art” and the Avant Garde in America?
  • What does it mean when design leads vs. follows other cultural trends?
  • How does Zeitgeist influence, or is effected by, design thinking?

Jan Tschichold. A life in typography. By Ruari...

RIT Graphic Design Archive

1913 Armory Show

William Addison Dwiggins

Jan Tschichold

Jan Tschichold, the new typography

Lester Beall

Lester Beall, REA


Erte, Pearls

Dr. Mehemed Fehmy Afha

Dr. Mehemed Fehmy Agha, Vanity Fair

Alexey Brodovitch + bio

Alexey Brodovitch

Alexander Lieberman

Joseph Binder

  • America’s Answer! Production

Carlu, America’s Answer! Production

Wil Burtin, the Brain

In 1961 the Czech.designer Ladislav Sutnar(1897–1976) defined information design as “a synthesis of function, flow and form. Function is defined as utilitarian need with a definite purpose: to make information easy to find, read, comprehend and recall. Flow refers to the logical sequence of information. Form means dynamic information patterns and clear rational organization.”

George Giusti, Holiday

Herbert Bayer, Fire

  • Flight 

McKnight. Kauffer, Flight

Ben Shahn

Ben Shahn, Farm Land

Works Progress Administration Poster Project (WPA)

WPA posters

Walter Paepke

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