ARTS 175 Graphic Design Senior Seminar

What to Expect

Tuesday, January 19 first class
Review syllabus, discuss course structure
Senior Exhibition Committees
Discussion/review of what needs to be included in the portfolio (variety)
Discuss the role of the portfolio
Review student portfolio work
(1) Bring all work to next class: spend some time reviewing your existing work. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts, objections and desires relative to your work.
(2) Order textbook/download

Thursday, January 21
Review student portfolio work
Introduce Individual Projects
(1) Write portfolio proposal, develop visual timeline.
(2) Bring ideas for possible Individual projects
(3) Bring existing Personal identity (if any)

Benchmarks at Glance

Personal Identity Package
Personal Identity sketches/ refinements
Personal identity critique  (B&W and color logos due); Review identity system applications (preliminary versions)
Hand in draft Resumes
Pre-Critique for all elements
Critique of all elements
Hand in all elements

Portfolio Book
10 ideas/sketches for portfolio book due
3 refined ideas for portfolio book
18 final portfolio book style, layout grid and 6 sample layout spreads
(printed, at least one spread actual size); Portfolio book production proposal (paper, printing, binding, and cover)
Review 8 refined sample spreads and a contents page
March 4/6 33% of portfolio book content due
March 23 70% of portfolio book, intro to portfolio book due
March 30 Bring sample printed pages
April 20/22 Print and bind book; Mock Thesis Presentations with sample pages
April 27 Book/Case Due

Exhibition and Portfolio Review
Name for exhibition finalized
Exhibition postcard due to duplicating
Exhibition Statement (250 words max) and image of work exhibited due
Gallery Install Time
Senior Exhibition
Opening reception, 6–8pm
Portfolio Reviews
De-installation 1:00pm–3:00pm

Other Project Deadlines
Portfolio Proposals & timeline due
Individual Project proposal due / Revised timeline due
Portfolio Influences due
Mid Semester Portfolio Reviews By Appointment / Five finished portfolio pieces due / 33% of portfolio book content due
1st Outside Review Due
PURCC statements due, submit online / All 10 projects finished
Website critique / 2nd Outside Review Due
Website due
Hand in digital version (pdf) of all of your projects for this class (identity, résumé, portfolio book [as spreads, no crop marks], exhibition pieces, promo package…)

Tentative Class Exercises and Projects
100% coursework and in-class participation:


Ungraded projects:

      • Revision of 10 existing projects including at least one digital with three in depth revisions (individual projects)
      • Process journal
      • Internship journal

I reserve the right to adjust the projects and percentages as I see fit for the students’ learning benefit.

Students will submit a comprehensive CD containing all projects completed during this course at the conclusion of the semester to assess how the learning objectives of the course are being met. 

Class Handouts

Class expectations
Assignments Jan 22 to Feb 3
Outside Portfolio Reviews
Outside Portfolio Evaluation Form

Promotional Package
Portfolio book


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