ARTS 175 General Assignment Schedule

Detailed Schedule

This schedule is a tentative outline of how the course assignments will progress through the first half of the semester. Dates and assignments are subject to change as individual and group projects develop. Always refer to current project handouts for most updated information.

Week One

Review syllabus, discuss course structure
Senior Exhibition Committees
Discussion/review of what needs to be included in the portfolio (variety)
Discuss the role of the portfolio
Review student portfolio work
Bring all work to next class: spend some time reviewing your existing work. Be
prepared to discuss your thoughts, objections and desires relative to your work.

Review student portfolio work
Introduce Individual Projects
(1) Write portfolio proposal, develop visual timeline (backward mapping).
(2) Bring ideas for possible Individual projects
(3) Bring existing Personal identity (if any)

Week Two
Portfolio Proposals & backward map timeline due
Lecture: Audience
Review of individual project ideas
Introduce Personal Communications Package assignments
and review existing personal identities
(1) Bring to class first existing project which you are interested in further developing as your Individual Project. Be prepared to discuss and show progress.
(2) Written document assignment: Portfolio Influences
(3) Extend and elaborate on existing design or create 15 sketches for Personal Identity
(4) Incorporate Individual projects into your personal timeline

Individual Project proposal due
Review Personal Identity sketches/ refinements
Discuss various design professions
(1) Further refinements of identity
(2) 10 ideas for portfolio book based on identity
(3) Bring progress on Individual Projects and regular project revisions
according to your timeline

Week 3

Portfolio Influences due
Lecture: Résumé
Discussion of identity system components—how they need to perform
Mini crit of personal identity
Review progress on Individual Projects and regular project revisions
according to your timeline
(1) Apply your typographic identity to identity systems
(2) Create a draft of your résumé for hand in

 10 ideas for portfolio book based on identity due
 Hand in draft Resumes 
In class work on Identity and Individual projects
(1) Develop identity refinements and systems applications
(2) Prepare Personal Identity logos for critique
(3) Refine 3 ideas for portfolio book, assemble material related to projects

Week 4

 Personal identity critique  (B&W and color logos due)
Review identity system applications (preliminary versions)
In class work on Individual projects and Personal ID system
(1) Finalize identity system applications

 3 refined ideas for portfolio book 
Review: InDesign and master pages, stylesheets, folios, etc.
(1) Finalize portfolio book style, finalize layout grid and create 6 sample layout spreads for (2) Write portfolio book production proposal:
paper, printing, binding, and cover choices

Week 5

Personal Identity Systems Pre-Critique for all elements
Individual Project review
(1) Continue refinements to identity system parts

Review final portfolio book style, layout grid and 6 sample layout spreads
(printed, at least one spread actual size)
Portfolio book production proposal (paper, printing, binding, and cover)
(1) Prepare for Final Identity Package Crit
(2) Bring existing digital projects

Week 6

Personal Communications Package Due for Critique (all parts)
Review existing digital projects / discuss role of digital projects in portfolio
Individual Project review
(1) Refine 8 sample spreads, add missing text descriptions and images, create a sample contents page containing all 10 projects, print at actual size
(2) Prepare portfolio of work for mid semester review during week eight, 5 finished pieces and 33% of portfolio book due
(3) First outside review due March 19, schedule an appointment with a reviewer soon

Name for Exhibition should be finalized
Review 8 refined sample spreads and a contents page 

(1) Prepare for mid semester review: five finished portfolio pieces,
33% of portfolio book content
(2) Prepare Personal Communications Package for hand in

Week 7

Hand in Personal Communications Package
Mid Semester Portfolio Reviews By Appointment

Five finished portfolio pieces due,
33% of portfolio book content due
(1) First outside review due

Mid Semester Portfolio Reviews By Appointment
Five finished portfolio pieces due, 33% of portfolio book content due

(1) Incorporate suggestions into portfolio book, create half title and title pages,
history/influences page
(2) Photograph finished portfolio pieces and edit them digitally
(3) write your report for outside review

Week 8 
Spring Break: continue with portfolio book progress!

Week 9

Review portfolio book progress, including half title and title pages,
history/influences page 

Review edited photographs of portfolio pieces
(1) Continue Portfolio progress, 70% of portfolio book due March 24 (about 7 projects should be laid out)
(2) Write Outside Review Report

Discuss show issues/plans & committees meet
Lecture: Writing an artist statement/intro to your book
First outside review due
Exhibition postcard due to duplicating

(1) Write an intro to your book
(2) 70% of portfolio book due  (about 7 projects)

Week 10

70% of portfolio book, intro to portfolio book due
(1) Continue Portfolio progress
(2) Print out sample pages of portfolio book

Website: navigation finished, review in dreamweaver/editor
Discuss card for graduation work
Introduce Personal Website project
3 different Personal Website ideas: sketches or digital layouts; based on portfolio style / personal identity

Week 11
Website: review pages for consistency / grid
250-word PURCC Statements due April 6/ submit online now, one 300 DPI image (BW and color) (to be pre-approved by professor so submit now)
Portfolio status checks (digital and physical contents), bring printed pages
(1) Continue Portfolio progress
(2) All 10 projects to be finished by April 6, print multi-page pieces/packaging that need to be photographed to go into your book or that you will bring with you to review. No need to print those things that go into your portfolio in digital form and you will not need during portfolio review.

Work day    

(1) All 10 projects to be finished by April 6
(2) Refine 1 Personal Website in Illustrator or Dreamweaver

Week Thirteen
PURCC Statements due / submit online
All 10 projects to be finished (completion of portfolio elements)  

(1) Personal Website due April 20, refine one layout for next class

Website: Review portfolio pages layout and navigation
Lecture: Presenting Yourself

(1) Start wrapping up your Portfolio Book, bring printed sample pages for final presentation Interview
(2) Create Website layout template in Dreamweaver

Week Fourteen
Exhibition Installation
Digital Portfolio due
Portfolio book should be nearly complete, review printed pages
Review Website layouts in Dreamweaver
(1) Install exhibition
(1) Last minute changes to the Portfolio Book

Mini Portfolio due
Help with creating interactive PDFs for Senior Exhibition and installing computers in gallery
Work on your portfolio, website
(1) Prepare for mock thesis presentations, bring rough printouts
(2) Final touches on your Portfolio Book
(3) second outside review due

Week Fifteen
Monday, April 20

Exhibition opens
Personal Website Critique
Second outside review due

Mock Thesis Presentations (use b&w printouts of your book)
Work on Portfolio Case/
(1) Print and bind portfolio book
(2) Prepare for exhibition opening reception

Exhibition Opening Reception: prepare
Personal Website Due
, send link to live website
Mock Thesis Presentations (use b&w printouts of your book)
Hand in digital version (pdf) of all of your projects
for this class (identity, resume, portfolio book [as spreads, no crop marks],
exhibition pieces, promo package, …)
(1) Print and bind portfolio book / finish portfolio case
(3) Prepare for Portfolio Reviews, research reviewers

Week Sixteen Portfolio Reviews
Portfolio Book due / Portfolio Case Due
Portfolio Reviews (by appointment, required to pass class)

Finals Week
Incorporate reviewer feedback and print portfolios on inkjet printer / fine paper
Receive projects/grades back
Exhibition deinstall