Big Push


Senior Show Themes

  • Aftermath
  • Why Not
  • Spectrum
  • Continuum
  • Spectinium
  • Exported
  • After Hours
  • Hire Me
  • Culmination
  • Blue Prints
  • So Sketch
  • Laid Out
  • The Complete Package
  • Creative Crossroads
  • Aesthetic Navigation
  • Aesthetigation

You should now have the following complete:

  • Personal ID
    • logo
    • résumé
    • website
    • self-promo piece
  • Decided on Portfolio
    • ordered portfolio paper
  • Decided on Senior Project for Senior Show
    • Design For Good or alternative

Over Spring Break

  • Write project descriptions
  • Write Cover letter
  • Write Designer’s Statement
  • Finalize NCUR presentations
  • Tweak portfolio work

Designer Statement

Artist/Designer Statement Examples

  • Since the statement will accompany a specific portion of your overall work, it should also be written a bit more specifically than your overall artist/designer philosophy. Talk about the work that you will be showing in the gallery in the overall context of the broader direction or philosophy that you have as an artist designer.
  •  Email to me in class today so that I can forward to Dr Fox for inclusion in the PURCC publication.

Finalize/Finish work for gallery

Senior Show

  • Need title/Theme decision today in class
  • Need Postcard and Poster design today, take to Duplicating tomorrow
  • Installation begins next week
  • Show Opens Monday, April 25th
  • Reception Date?

Print Portfolio Work

Senior Portfolio 

  • Your print portfolio should have work that represents the following categories:
  1. Image manipulation (any medium of image placed into a design context)
  2. Typography (Display, text and multi-page)
  3. Packaging
  4. Layout
  5. Color Application (Objective use of color)
  6. Strong Concept
  7. Campaign or multi-part work or series
  8. Process (Example of your work)
  9. Written Descriptions (connect to class assignment requirements, client brief or other criteria or objectives)
  10. Visually connects to your overall visual identity
  11. Strong Opening and Closing pieces

Online Portfolio

  • Your online portfolio should have work that represents the same categories as those in the print portfolio plus the means for the user to access additional information about you or other work.

Informational Interviews lined up

Preparing for a Design Interview

The main purpose of this type of interview is to gain some insight into how the design industry works. Go with a list of questions to ask. Know before hand what they do and taylor your questions to their specialities.

Although the main objective of an Informational Interview is not to show your portfolio or inquire specifically about a job, you should always be prepared for the possibility that the person or group you are talking with may ask to see examples of your work and know something about you as a designer. With that in mind it is always best to be over prepared than under. Always take a résumé and business card with you. Be able to direct them to your personal website to see your work.