Extend Your Portfolio

The purpose here is to objectively look at your work and determine where there is insufficient quality work (a weakness), or to add additional examples that showcase on your main interests/skills.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to select your best work from studio (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking) and place this work into a graphic design layout of some kind. Examples of this would include, but are not limited to the following:

The key to doing this well is to use your art in a metaphorical or symbolic way, not a direct literal way. For example, you may have an excellent painting of a still-life vase of flowers. A direct use of this would be to place it as an illustration for an article on flowers. Don’t do that. Instead, think about what flowers might symbolize (growth, newness, coming of age, enlightenment, etc.) Then find an article, perhaps a report you wrote for a class in Philosophy, History, PACS, English, etc. where the subject is more abstract and needs a visual symbol for the reader to more fully understand the deeper meanings of the abstract subject.

Another way to meaningfully extend the work in your portfolio is to take one of your assignments and develop a series or campaign from it.

  • An example could be a wine label that you did in GD III or for Watermark. Develop it further developing an overall series theme and create two additional labels for the companion wines from the series, or extend the advertising campaign associated with it.
  • Or, take a logo, package design, or any product design and create a series/campaign of design applications/collatteral. These could include, logo/visual ID, package, product graphics, flyer/brochure, advertisement, signage, media ads.
  • A third would be to create an event promotion including media ads, tickets, program, signage, etc.