Book Dust Jacket

This portfolio extension requires you to look carefully at your artwork (painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photograph, etc.) Carefully analyze each design. Ask yourself “what are the design’s main characteristics”. You should come up with a short list of at least 6 characteristics for each design. These lists might include words such as; bold, mysterious, expressive, playful or candy-like, licorice-like, fence-like, etc. Then, taking your cue from these lists, decide on a category of book (mystery, adventure, love story, comedy, satire, etc.). Finally, match your artwork (based on its defining characteristics) to one of these book categories (genres) and either pick an existing book  or make up a new book that could be found  in that genre and create a custom dust jacket for it.

Layout your dust jacket design in Illustrator. Use sizes from a real book that you own. (you will be wrapping the final print around this book for you to photograph, so it must fit). Consider the possibilities of a wrap-around design/image (one that extends across front, spine and back panels).

Remember to allow for the thickness of the book cover board when measuring the dimensions for the Illustrator layout. If you do no do this the dust jacket will not fit the book properly. Do a test with a blank sheet of paper first to fine tune these measurements exactly.

Pay particular attention to  the following:

jacketYour dust jacket design must include 5 panels:

  1. front
  2. back
  3. spine
  4. inside front flap
  5. back inside flap

Your Dust jacket design must also include the following minimal information:

on the front

  • Author
  • Title

on the spine

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publishing Company Logo

on the back

  • bar code Generator screenshot (command + shift + 4)
  • screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-3-46-11-pm
  • Publishing Company

on the inside front or back 

  • info about the author + picture + other books written by her/him
  • info or short synopsis about the book/story