Senior Show

sr student show070504_0306The Senior show. This year’s special edition, the Junior/Senior Show.

  • Theme/Name submit Google doc by April 11, the Doodle Poll
  • The Dates:
    Installation April 16–April 24
    Exhibition, April 25–May 14
    Opening Reception? (usually wednesday or thursday of the first week, but this is up to you)
    Deinstallation, May 15, 1:00–4:00
  • Artist statement
    part of PURCC (Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference) Submitted to Dr. Lydia Fox by April 11.  In addition, you will need to submit at least one image  of the work to include in the program volume.
  • Promotion Design
    Postcard (need to mail at least two weeks in advance—April 11, so design needs to be finished by April 6 to be printed and get to Mail Room.
  • Individual location  in gallery
    physical hanging, installation requirements:
    (size, wall space, podiums, electricity, computer, special lighting, etc.)
  • Invite your family, friends, internship/practicum employers, potential employers
  • Facebook/social media announcements, do it!