Wine Labels

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IMG_4505Some industries have very specific rules that govern how information should be treated. Those specifications have direct results on layout and in some cases can produce results that are in direct conflict with rules of good typography or graphic design in general. None-the-less, those rules have to be followed. Good design in those situations include the ability to follow those rules to the letter but within an overall design context that accommodates them to the best of your ability.

The wine industry is regulated by that type of rules. Notice how the specifications governing health warning require justified all capital letters on a short line length. You should recognize the result of this produces horrible uneven word spacing in addition to the all capitals shouting at you. (don’t do this anywhere else please!)

A very peculiar point to be aware of. The government will refer to the panel which contains the Alcohol Content by Volume information as the “front panel”. THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE  THE SAME PANEL AS THE ONE YOU DESIGNED AS THE “FRONT PANEL”. All it really means to you is that you must indicate this information on either of the two panels, it does not need to appear on both.

Correct wine label information

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