Groucho Drawing

Groucho Marx

Draw the illustration of Groucho Marks as close as possible to the original proportions and size using the groucho image pdf template.

You may scan the original and import it by using the “Place” command to bring the “Groucho” file into Illustrator to use as a guide or template for drawing. You may not use the auto trace tool. Place this image scan in a new template layer, then Dim and Lock this layer.

On a different layer (a drawing layer), use a combination of the pencil and pen as the primary tools in drawing the outline of Groucho. Use a hairline weight to begin with. (You will eventually expand this original stroke to the width of the template stroke.) When you have finished drawing the entire Groucho image and have adjusted points and Beziér handles to fine tune the curve of the line, then adjust the path weight. When you Expand (outline) this stroke you get two separate lines which may be controlled independently. Adjust the points on either side of this thin line/shape to create lines which look more natural and less mechanical, one which varies from thin to thick. These two lines are really the outlines of a long thin shape which may be filled.

Use Beziér handles to control smooth curves, not a lot of points.

You can alternatively turn the grayed scan layer off or on to check your progress.

Look for simple shapes that are repeated throughout the drawing. Use cut, copy, paste, and duplicate functions to speed up your work. Modify the shapes by mirror, scaling or rotation of shapes.

Group smaller sets of shapes within the drawing (such as the eye shapes) and then stretch, rotate or scale the entire group to get the look you want.

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