Grouping and Hierarchy Flyer

Grouping and Hierarchy Flyer

  • Arrange the copy below and attached images to create a B & W (no color) 8 ½ x 11 flyer.
  • No Bleed
  • Grouping and Hierarchy are the primary means for you to aid the viewer/reader in making sense of this material.
  • Your treatment of the Typography and careful manipulation of the typographic variables (see separate Type Variables sheet) is your means for influencing the viewer/reader’s perception of what information belongs together (grouping) and what is the relative importance between the different types of information (hierarchy)
  • Due next class.

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Croatian Igor Hofbauer started doing posters in black-and-white photocopy style in his high school days”because that was most exiting thing I could do to contribute local music scene,” he told me. He was influenced “mostly by Russian and German posters between two wars (not just visually, also politically).” He works in woodcut “because I want to achieve strong graphic solutions closer to design, instead doing some skilled illustration.” Hofbauer doesn’t have a favorite genre,”I just want to put band or event in context (local cultural context). And my favorite images come from John Heartfield.

august 6th–October2nd

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