1980’s Memphis Style



Use the links below as an introduction to these artists/designers and Memphis Design. You will need to explore further to gain a more thorough understanding of their work. Unlike your previous assignment, these designers are all still alive and continue to be quite productive today. Because of this you can actually gain an appreciation and understanding  of their growth from their pioneering work of the 1980’s Memphis Post-Modernism to that of today. You will need to distinguish between their current work and that of their Memphis beginnings.

Your assignment is to imagine that you were also a member of the Memphis Design group in the mid 1980’s. These people were your fellow artists and close friends. Based on this close friendship and common design interests as well as the influences of 1980’s zeitgeist, you are to create an avant grade “book” in the Memphis style.



You are encouraged to utilize new materials and technologies even if those materials and technologies were not available in 1985. You do, however need to create a “look” or style that reflects a 1980” Memphis Design look.

1980’s Memphis Style
Due Friday, March 10 

  1. Post Modernism
  2. Memphis Style
  3. Memphis Design