Wine Label Project

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  • Refer to this link for legal specifications concerning label design
    Wine Labels

Project Description: UOP_Watermark_Project_Outline

Watermark Labels has bottled several cases of a private label wine for use as a marketing promotion vehicle for holiday distribution in 2016. The project is to design a wine label to use on this bottle.

Designer Alison Wong will oversee the project with Watermark, and Pacific alum, Andrew Bischofberger will be the Pacific liaison, facilitating the following:

  •  Watermark Labels—University of the Pacific: Collaborative Wine Label September 2016 Watermark Labels Contact: Andrew Bishofberger ( Company Overview: Watermark Labels premium digital presses and offset printing capabilities enable our customers to design intricate wine labels that set the stage for the most important part of the process: the wine. Artwork files are transmitted directly to the press, which lowers traditional tooling costs and makes short run pricing far more affordable. Additionally, our digital files enable our customers to take advantage of higher quantity breaks, even if the print run contains multiple versions. Digital printing provides the highest quality graphics, as well as quick turnaround, and incredible versatility.

    Operating from a state of the art 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Lodi, California, we are proud of our heritage, relationships, and capabilities.


    All designs should communicate and showcase the printing capabilities of intricate four-color printing.

    Any illustration or photography used as imagery should have meaning to the local Lodi wine industry, or have particular meaning to represent Watermark Label’s commitment to quality. Our customers represent everyone from large international brands, Constellation Brands (Woodbridge Winery / Robert Mondavi) to small custom crush clients with production of 25 cases. Label design should be simple, elegant, feature full-color printing, and be a vehicle for Watermark Labels self-promotion.

    Project Overview: 

    • Each student will design and submit a Watermark Labels private branded front and back label

    • Watermark Labels will private label wine to distribute to clients during the 2016 holiday season

    • One student’s label will be chosen, and printed and for use on the final wine bottles

    • The design will be chosen by Brett DeBoer, Andrew Bishofberger, & Alison Wong (Watermark Labels, Creative Director.) Andrew and Brett will give individual feedback and suggestions throughout the process.

    Timeline: September 1–29, 2016

    • Start date: Thursday, September 1st Introduce project

    • 1st check in: Tuesday, September 13th Review front label concepts

    • 2nd Check in: Thursday, September 22nd Review refined front and back labels

    • Finals Due: Thursday, September 29th Final designs due


    • Must create a front and back label for the wine bottle

  • Front Label Dimension: 3.5” wide x 3.7” tall
  • Back Label Dimension: 2.40” wide x 3.17” tallMust use die file in Illustrator provided
  •  Must have 1/4″ safe space around the label (no text, border lines, etc)
  •  The font on the logo is Trajan Pro, but the label doesn’t HAVE to have the same font.
  • No style sheet for Watermark
  • For the logo, the square and the “Watermark Labels tm” logo must both be used. They can be separated, but must both appear on the front label.
  • Don’t have to use LusterCal logo.
  • Assume paper will be on bright white.
  • • Color

  • The label will be printed on a high end HP 4-color CMYK printer. Pantone colors are encouraged (for printing accuracy), with a separate layer of printing specs• Embellishments:
  • You may one foil color on the front label only
    • Photographs/illustrations MUST be done originally by students. No stock photos/unlicensed images • Final file must be an Illustrator AI file. Elements created in Photoshop or other software must be imported into IllustratorRequired info for labels: Front Label: 

    • Watermark Labels

    • Small type: A Division of LustreCal

    • Optional tagline: Building on five decades of innovative packaging label solutions

    • Please use provided logos

    • 2013

    • Old Vine Zinfandel

    Back Label: 

    Please see example labels for size and hierarchy of information 

    • Watermark Labels’ capabilities distinguish us in the marketplace as a leader in label manufacturing. Our decades of experience provide our customers with an unmatched variety of premium printing. We create label and packaging solutions that best represent your product, and communicate it’s branding with a message of quality and prestige.

    • “Produced and Bottled by Hohenrieder Family Vineyards, Lodi, CA”

    • “Contains Sulfites | 750 ml |14.3% ALC”

    • 750ML

    Government Warning MUST be written clearly with the exact following wording on the back of the bottle, no less than 7pt, in Arial Narrow, all caps: 


Similar projects have included:

  • Cor Sanaré —resulting in a bronze medal for label design at the San Francisco International Wine Festival, 2007
  • Bora Winery


  • Refer to the Watermark blue line file for layout of your design.
  • Add your name and contact information to the information in the upper left corner of this layout.
  • Create a multipage PDF file containing both the front and back label designs placed side by side along with a text file containing the written description of your theme and how the design reflects or interprets that theme visually and symbolically.
  • Be sure your name and contact information is on both of these files and that the file name itself contains your name.
  • If you are submitting more than one design, create a separate PDF file for each idea.
  • A color print flush mounted horizontally (landscape) on 8 1/2 x 11 inch black matte board. Attach your description to the back of the board.


Photo Shoot

  • Cut out and paste your labels on a full bottle of red wine.
  • Place your bottle in a studio setting or “live” setting that reflects the theme you are trying to capture. You can do this by either bringing in props and photographing in the studio or going on location and photographing your bottle in this outdoor environment.
  • In either scenario, be sure you are focusing on the label as seen on the bottle. Also be sure you are leaving space for type to be added in an advertisement layout.
  • Your purpose is to capture the theme as it reflects the taste of this wine. This type of product shot would be for an advertisement.
  • You can also go to the next step if you wish by placing your photograph into a magazine ad. Add appropriate typographic information such as winery, tagline, location, etc.