InDesign Layout

Refer to the following Resource Links:

The majority of layouts in InDesign should include the following:

  • An Emphasis is on readability
  • InDesign Grids—Use of a baseline grid which is determined by the leading of your text type. Use this grid to determine the document grid sizes and in turn determine size and placement of all elements.
  • Use nesting as a form of alignment in creating a visually unique headline of
    display type rather than simply a long single line.
  • Incorporate design thinking from previous assignments in determining layout
    and composition.
  • Pay attention to how lines break, the break should “make sense”
  • Use ligatures
  • Use Master Page elements
  • Avoid excessive hyphenation and typographic widows/orphans
  1. Display type sized to the baseline grid.
  2. All other leading is proportional to the baseline grid.
  • Generous margins that are sized proportionately by use of the Golden mean represented by the Fibonacci Number series.
  • Use of Diminuendo
  • Utilize pull quotes as a form of display type to add emphasis and break up the page visually.
  • Refer to the minimum typographic management checklist
  • Use of Character Styles and Paragraph Styles to create the “look” of the text.
  • Apply these rules of thumb:
  1. As Line length increases, so should leading
  2. Line length is between 40-60 characters long
  3. Avoid “default” settings
  4. Sans-serif type generally requires more leading than serif type of the same size
  5. Use no more that two typeface families
  6. Treat similar elements of information in a similar fashion and different kinds of information differently.
  7. Use changes in weight, posture, size, case for emphasis. Rarely use any two of these together on the same word(s). (all emphasis = no emphasis)

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